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A leave granted in accordance with provision 23.1 may be supplemented in accordance with bereavement provisions of Article 24, Sick Leave, provisions 24.10(e), 24.11, and 24.12. CFA shall not interfere with campus programs, operations, or the work of faculty unit employees. The “twenty five percent (25%) overage” as used in this Article shall be calculated as a percentage of full-time workload or, when appropriate, full-time time base.  The total additional employment of a faculty unit employee shall not exceed a total of twenty-five percent (25%) overage. Association conference, held in Fresno in May 2018. Provided that the operational and program needs of the participating employee’s department or equivalent unit are met in an orderly and normal manner, the library or coaching faculty unit employee shall be provided reasonable release time for one (1) on-campus course per semester/quarter taken pursuant to provisions 26.5 – 26.7.  Reasonable release time for a participating employee at the Chancellor’s Office shall be time equal to class time. Next offer work to part-time temporary faculty unit employees holding a one-year appointment up to and including a 1.0 time base. All other fees of any category shall be paid at the regular rate. The result of each stage of the periodic evaluation process shall be a written statement.  Such statement with written rationale shall be placed in the Personnel Action File of the faculty unit employee in accordance with Article 11, Personnel Files. Except for good cause shown, only those events, sfpl homework help issues, and sections of this Agreement cited in the initial filing at Level II may be considered at subsequent levels. Such leave may be partial or full-time and shall not exceed one (1) year.  An employee on such leave shall continue to earn all campus service credit and retirement credit.  Vacation time, holiday time, and sick leave shall not accrue during such leave.  A faculty unit employee on such leave shall have the right to return to his/her former position upon expiration of the leave.  Such leave shall not constitute a break in the faculty unit employee’s continuous service for the purpose of salary adjustments, sick leave, vacation, or seniority. Fresno Pacific University's main 50-acre campus is located in the south east area of Fresno, hub of the Central Valley region of California and the fifth largest city in the state. Absent such mutual agreement, arbitration hearings shall be scheduled in the same chronological order in which each case was appealed to arbitration. That the President shall provide the potential participant in PRTB with an appointment letter which shall indicate the terms of the reduction in time base.  The faculty unit employee shall provide the President with a written statement of acceptance of the reduction in time base. A faculty unit employee may request a temporary reassignment when s/he believes in good faith that his/her present assignment presents a clear danger to his/her health and safety.  The appropriate administrator shall promptly respond to such a request in writing.  Such a request shall not be unreasonably denied during the preliminary aspect of any investigation.  If such an unsafe or unhealthy condition is found during such an investigation, the temporary reassignment shall continue until a remedy is implemented. Any material identified by source may be placed in the Personnel Action File.  Identification shall indicate the author, the committee, the campus office, or the name of the officially authorized body generating the material. Grievances shall not proceed to mediation except by the mutual written agreement of both parties. In 1982 the California State College system became the California State University system and the school changed to its present name. An extension of the probationary period for the duration of the leave when the employee is on a personal leave of absence without pay pursuant to provision 22.8 for one (1) or more full academic years. The party requesting mediation shall request mediation within thirty (30) calendar days after the Union has filed a request for arbitration. Considerations in making such a determination shall include but not be limited to student enrollment data and projections, available funds, and scheduled curricular and program changes.

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Transfer, degree completion and graduate students are not part of the guarantee. The term of the Umpire shall be one (1) year from the date of selection. After considering several locations, including nearby Delano and parts of Kings and Tulare County, a steering committee decided on Bakersfield because at the time it was the largest isolated metropolitan area in the United States without a four-year university. Where the CFA claims that it is does not have sufficient information available for it to be able to identify the class(es) of grievants by name at the time of the Level II meeting, then the CFA shall nevertheless define the class(es) of grievants to the CSU with sufficient specificity so as to allow the CSU to identify, through further inquiry, the individuals within the said class(es) by name. The Umpire’s decision sustaining or denying the grievance shall be issued in the form of a bench ruling after a brief study period at the conclusion of the hearing, but in no event later than three (3) days from the close of the hearing, and need not include supporting rationale unless requested by a party. In cases where student evaluations are not required for all classes, classes chosen for evaluation shall be representative of the faculty unit employee’s teaching assignment, and shall be jointly determined in consultation between the faculty unit employee being evaluated and his/her department chair. Such offer must be accepted in writing within five (5) days of receipt. In grievances challenging the non-appointment or non-reappointment to a probationary or tenured position or the denial of tenure or promotion, the arbitrator shall recognize the importance of the decision not only to the individual in terms of his/her livelihood, but also the importance of the decision to the institution involved. Parental leave shall refer to a leave for the purpose of a parent preparing for the arrival and the care of a new child.  A parental leave shall not constitute a break in service. Agreement – The term “Agreement” as used in this Agreement means Articles 1 – 41 and the appendices. The CSU recognizes that the nature of work carried out by faculty unit     employees makes leaves of less than one (1) academic term challenging to     accommodate. The official notification to a faculty unit employee of a summer term appointment shall include the beginning and ending dates of appointment, time base, salary, the requirement to meet the first class, and other conditions of appointment.  The faculty unit employee’s appointment may provide for participation in the student evaluation process. The Reviewing Officer shall issue a report to the President within fifteen (15) days of the notice of pending disciplinary action.  The President shall consider the report of the Reviewing Officer. Personnel Action File – The term “Personnel Action File” as used in this Agreement refers to the one official personnel file containing employment information and information that may be relevant to personnel recommendations or personnel actions regarding a faculty unit employee.  The term “Working Personnel Action File” as used in this Agreement refers to that portion of the Personnel Action File used during the time of periodic evaluation or performance review of a faculty unit employee. Transparency for 2018 by GuideStar. Where the President agrees in part, techniques to teach creative writing and disagrees in part, with a decision of the Faculty Hearing Committee, then it is only the issue(s) with which the President disagrees that  may be appealed to an arbitrator whose decision shall be final and binding.  The President’s decision on issues on which there is no disagreement shall be final and binding and not subject to arbitration. Faculty employees serving as department chairs (class codes 2481, creative writing story about belonging 2482) shall be assigned to the equivalent 12-month or academic year instructional faculty classification (e.g. The CSU shall be reimbursed by CFA for all compensation paid to the faculty unit employee on account of such leave and for any incidental costs, including the cost of benefits in an amount equal to the cost of CSU contributions for PERS retirement and an additional ten (10) percent of salary. Assigned time provided in 20.36i and 20.36ii shall be in addition to any provided for activities other than research, scholarship, or creative activities (e.g. A three-year appointment shall be issued if the temporary faculty unit employee is determined by the appropriate administrator to have performed in a satisfactory manner in carrying out the duties of his/her position. However, an AD-T guarantees admission into at least one of the CSU schools.

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The Committee shall consist of three (3) members and one (1) alternate. A temporary faculty unit employee who is to be laid off shall receive notice of layoff from the President no later than sixty (60) days prior to the effective date of layoff. If the individual’s current rank is Full Professor or equivalent, s/he was hired between AY 2000-01 and AY 2013-14, doing the right thing isn't always easy essay and his/her base salary is below the SSI maximum. Upon request of the faculty unit employee and approval of the appropriate administrator, a faculty unit employee with an academic year appointment may combine paid parental leave, where is the best place to do your homework sick leave, and unpaid leave in order to take an entire semester or quarter leave.  Under this provision, paid leave need not be exhausted before unpaid leave is taken. At CSU quarter system year round operation campuses, the compensation of faculty eligible for summer term employment shall continue to be pursuant to classification 2368, Instructional Faculty – Extra Quarter Assignment. Currently the CSU system does not offer a guaranteed admission program to individual schools. Evaluation criteria and procedures shall be made available to the faculty unit employee no later than 14 days after the first day of instruction of the academic term.  Evaluation criteria and procedures shall be made available to the evaluation committee and the academic administrators prior to the commencement of the evaluation process. Probationary appointments are normally made at the Assistant Professor or equivalent librarian rank. Stiern, ratified by the California State Legislature and signed into law by Governor Pat Brown. The State University Tuition Fee for participating employees shall be waived for the units of courses taken in the CSU fee waiver program. Internet Explorer 5 or later or Netscape 6 or later. If there is no disagreement between the Faculty Hearing Committee’s decision and President’s decision, then the President’s decision shall be final and binding, and not subject to arbitration. If a grievant pursuing a grievance on a matter pertaining solely to appointment, short essay help reappointment, or work assignment under Article 12 is not satisfied with the resolution of her/his grievance by the Faculty Hearing Committee process, including presidential review (provisions 10.20 through 10.21), or by the Office of the Chancellor at Level II, then in lieu of the arbitration procedures set forth elsewhere in this Article, the grievant may submit the grievance to a special, permanent Article 12 Umpire jointly selected by CFA and CSU who shall hear all such grievances thus appealed. First, offer work to part-time temporary faculty unit employees holding a three-year appointment up to and including a 1.0 time base. The end product of each level of a Performance Review shall be a written recommendation.

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Administrator – The term “administrator” as used in this Agreement refers to an employee serving in a position designated as management or supervisory in accordance with HEERA. Periodic evaluation procedures shall be approved by the President after consideration of recommendations from the appropriate faculty committee(s).  Such procedures shall, for tenure-track faculty unit employees who teach, include, but not be limited to, student evaluations of teaching performance, peer reviews and administrative reviews.  Department chairs may make separate recommendations as a part of the periodic evaluation process.  If such a separate recommendation is to be made, the chair shall not participate as a member of the department peer committee. After meeting the minimum percentage for probationary and tenured faculty in 21.24(a), or after exhausting the offer process for such faculty, campuses may utilize/hire qualified volunteers, administrators, TAs or other students to teach classes. The CFA agrees to meet with the CSU to discuss concerns regarding how release time under this provision impacts departmental instructional requirements. The CFA shall not promote, organize, or support any strike or other concerted activity. Within ten (10) days of receipt of the notice of pending disciplinary action and at a time and place mutually acceptable to the affected faculty unit employee and the Reviewing Officer, the faculty unit employee and a CFA representative, if any, may meet with the Reviewing Officer designated by the President and his/her representative (if any) to review the notice, the reason(s), and the evidence.  The faculty unit employee may respond orally or in writing.  Such a written response (if any) shall be provided to the Reviewing Officer within ten (10) days of the notice of pending disciplinary action whether or not a meeting takes place.  A copy of such written response may be provided to the President.  The Reviewing Officer designated by the President shall not have been directly involved in the initiation of the pending disciplinary action. Upon written request directed to an individual full-time faculty unit employee by the appropriate administrator, the faculty unit employee shall provide a written statement of the amount and approximate distribution of time devoted to continuous outside employment during the academic term to which s/he has been appointed.  Such requests may be made when the appropriate administrator has determined that such information is necessary to ascertain compliance with provision 35.1 of this Article. For accounting purposes, costs of assigned time shall be calculated based on the minimum salary for assistant professor. The Working Personnel Action File shall be forwarded to the President who shall review and consider all materials thus submitted.