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Wheel of Fortune and Queen of Swords. But we did get one Celtic cross spread that was so spooky accurate I started to shake with excitement and nervousness. Q: How do you see our Relationship? Thank you for introducing the idea to me. I *knock on wood* haven’t given a “bad” reading yet (thank goodness), and my deck seems to prefer past life readings, I get the most information and intuition from various past life spreads. Tarocchi (Italian, singular Tarocco), and similar names in other languages, is a specific form of playing card deck used for different trick-taking games. I felt like maybe my cards were trying to make a connection here? I think that’s pretty normal. The method I used was to simply focus on the question lightly in my mind and shuffle the deck until a card pops out. I usually shuffle between each question, although it really doesn’t matter. I then wrote underneath this, the meanings listed in the handbook, and highlighted the meanings that were correct. Bonus card, 2 of cups- boy are we in perfect harmony!! I’m young, probably the youngest poster on here seeing as i’m only sixteen, but i found after separating my deck (The Faeries’ Oracles by Brian Fround and Jessica Macbeth) into different categories of what i thought they should be in (whether it be color, the type of face, whether there’s loads of objects or only one being on the card) i felt not only grounded, but connected with my deck. Tower – I will tear down everything stable and familiar, create chaos, but you’ll learn and grow from it. Beautiful, tasteful art, combined with careful research and clear, concise writing. My interpretation – worrisome, depressing, disturbing…. Hi I wonder if you could give me some guidance. Seven of Swords- Illustrating the consequences of actions. For each question, draw a card to answer it and record your impressions in your Tarot journal. Through working together we will manifest enlightenment, hope, understanding and guidance for those who need it. I had a deck once and the readings were confused and unreliable. I have previously coquetted with cartomancy, with 24 cards, but those didn’t feel like a person to me…they were just like tools cut out of a regular deck (even though they had a pretty incantation)…and I just read your article and gave a try to talking to my deck….one question that left me almost crying was when I asked was what they think of our relationship….and I pulled the 5 of pentacles which means for this deck (Sorcerer’s tarot deck) lack, and poverty and insecurity…and I lost all hope…but I observed as I had the cards spread out, that another card pulled out of the deck when I plucked the first one…I chose to flip it and there it was! Then once I’ve done that, I give myself a reading!

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I do know the Gilded Tarot and yes, The Lovers are very RAWR! Behold the incoming bounty. Observe the unfolding magnificence of your life experience. I would cleanse them with sage or something and then wrap them up and give them a rest for a week. I’m new to this and am still learning the basic meanings. I just want to pop in and say thank you for this post with the included exercises. I got my deck today, too and I was so happy and felt really great holding it in my hand. A third opinion[20] in the Talmud states that the script never changed altogether. Moon (fell out)- I’m feeling intuitive and psychic. Illustrations from the Morgan-Greer, Hanson-Roberts, Rider-Waite, known also as the Rider Tarot and the Waite Tarot, and Aquarian Tarot decks, reproduced by permission of U.S. Unfortunately, some answers confused me – I got the two of pentacles for areas of specialization. She asks for advice when someone is new to Tarot. The cup is unquestionably overflowing, as this page on the Ten of Cups Tarot card meaning describes in detail. I think the deck is upsetting with me. Those original Victorian engravings were skillfully modified to become Tarot scenes with a Rider-Waite foundation, best essay writing service in australia but are by no means clones. So my boyfriend bought me a great deck a while back, and I went through each card, read on them from the “newbie’s guide” and gave each a kiss and moved on to the next card. Anyway I decided to to do the quick 7 card spread and to cut a very long story short I was amazed by how correct they actually were I mean they were just spot on it was in nice way a bit freaky.. What did your family think of Tarot? You’ll find the printable version of this spread below, as well as a detailed breakdown of each card position. From there, it was easy to identify nine decks that I feel really solid and safe with–even a couple of more edgy ones, like The Phantasmagoric Theater–and just ONE that I want to study more (Tarot of the Sidhe). Hi , I just got my deck a couple days ago and my spirit guides lead me to mine through my dream , and it has already tuned in with me as when I was meditating my crown and third eye chakra connected to it. The meaning of the two of wands in the Tarot deals with our creative perspective and deliberate ability to control our life events. I interviewed my favorite deck (the Eight Coins Tattoo Tarot) after I did a reading for myself that just didn’t quite feel right.

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Two of pentacles is about multitasking so perhaps in this instance, 2 of pentacles reversed could mean being able to just focus on one thing. But here’s the really incredible thing: these decks are now giving me AMAZING readings. A spark of inspiration. A flash of creativity.” The card however, critical thinking and creative writing shows a bearded man slouched in a study lit only by a single lamp. Learn how to integrate the Five Components into tarot readings to offer even in-depth, holistic insights to your clients. Some Paleo-Hebrew fragments of the Torah were found among the Dead Sea Scrolls: manuscripts 4Q12, 6Q1: Genesis. The violence shown and the person whom is blindfolded and bleeding out feels very dark to me. Magic Realist Press has again managed with the Victorian Romantic Tarot to bring something new and beautiful to a crowded market of decks. I just about died! He had to go back and ask how many lifetimes his spirit has gone through to get a real answer (somewhere around 10, apparently he was a lazy spirit), but I certainly feel my guys are caring and sarcastic, and so far we’ve meshed perfectly! Thanks. I have no issue gaining attention through my web, blog and FB page when its ready to go. I (along with many others on this thread) am new to tarot. I have only spend about 2 hours with my deck so far, looking at each card and reading the booklet. I wondered if you have it, or if anyone else does and has had a similar experience. I got the Princess of Wands, which, in this deck, always lets me know I’m trying new stuff, but probably forcing it a little, and have stepped too far out of my comfort zone. I love the Goddess Guidance cards – that’s one of my most-used decks! You can find more Tarot spreads right here. What do you think about the cards meant when I asked “How do you see our relationship”?

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Hi Dan – here’s my advice: don’t worry about this reading right now. Your posts are really helpful and insightful. Thanks Kate so much for this post, it was a great deal of fun. Winning the final trick (ultimo) awards a set number of points. I’ll be doing another session with these questions and maybe some others to get to know my cards better again soon. I just did this exercise with my Mystic Faerie Tarot deck, and I’ve never been filled with so much bubbly laughter! It’s going to be ending of mine day, excepot before ending I am reading this wonderfuul paragraph to increase my knowledge. I might not like it but it will be FAIR. Sometimes I find my decks under me when I sleep with them but there is nothing wrong with them. I hesitated to select both but decided that’s what the tarot would like for me to see.